Two employees of an Tera Online Gold employment center in the heart

19. října 2011 v 4:45
  The war was settled in July 1962 when the FLN won the country's independence. Two employees of an Tera Online Gold employment center in the heart of Paris was taken hostage by a man claiming to be an unemployed computer technician Monday, according to police sources. Reports of the employment agency, Kerkoud France 24 is Malika, quoting police sources as saying the attackers had a weapon but not a firearm.

  The incident began at 11:30 am Monday at the work location in Paris, 11 Rue Pelee city. The attacker has called and sent e-mail reference to the French news site Rue89. Kidnapper, Christian Denison, held her head and deputy head of the unemployment, the Reuters news agency. "My name is Christian Denison, 45, of average intelligence, average education without any special skills, the average Frenchman," he wrote according to excerpts of his e-mail addresses posted on Rue89.

  "Since the beginning of 2000, as the number of French citizens, have been in trouble, but in recent years have reached the final stages of my ability to survive," he said. "My age is, of course, undesirable My job (in fact, when you're 35, you're too old). Full-time contracts, and Cheap RS Gold impossible to get a part-time work are increasingly rare," he added. He has also called for "the dismantling of violent Zionist groups" in France.

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