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19. září 2011 v 4:18
  Make sure you have everything you see items that seem so gray autoloot do for you, but you can always do some selling of gold by selling them to the seller. A simple way is to go autoloot all WoW settings and tick the box that says "Take autoloot". This way you can just right click it will automatically be taken all at once. Whenever you are new to the city or region to collect all the missions that you can, and not all at once, rather than trying to do them one at a time. This will help you a lot and makes it much faster equalization. Getting used to the cases.

  When you press 70, you want to already be good to get groups of the whole event 5 man. The best time to start combining your skills ASAP. Lowbie case can be fun and give you a little practice, you will need. Know your class. It may seem easy, but more often than is really not. You want to take the time to research and understand your class on time you hit 70th level This is especially true on a PvP server. Make friends in the game as quickly as possible. It's always fun to do things in groups with friends and then you will not have to worry about people looting items ninja pattern in these cases.

  This can also be dangerous for some because it makes me want to play more often and sometimes can lead to addiction to World of Warcraft. You get two gathering professions at the beginning. This will allow you to sell items such as copper ore, etc., and make tons of gold, which will help you along the way through equalization, and so always have enough gold to learn new spells / skills, as well as his mount. Receive famale with WoW addons, and macros. These in the end save tons of time and makes repetitive tasks. Also, when you hit level 70 you have any macros in the raid.

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