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14. září 2011 v 5:30
  Thecommunication skills to the battle of the mind are the veterans of basic training and that the battle saved their lives, Moore said. But if not removed, can cause conflicts with your spouse is missing and the civilian population, in the sense that approaches things very differently. These different perspectives lead to fundamental beliefs, and expectations are not met, and can transform the situation into a much bigger problem, causing conflicts, Moore said. VA will advise you that the battle for the mind is a battlefield, which will keep them alive, but kill you at home, Moore said. Moore said he was skipping classes to help veterans battle mental state of mind to return closer to their spouses, and teaches both for 12 essential skills to help them communicate more efficiently.

  At the end of their classes separately, the couple knew they've learned to use this initial agreements on 10 topics that lead to most conflicts, said Moore. After these first agreements on issues such as finance, the division of labor and housework, parenting and discipline problems, and how to spend free time, using the skills they need to review these agreements over time as circumstances change, Moore said. We like to say that what they learn here home to take care of veterans, not for good, but better, says Moore. The alignment of expectations in the kind of reception for spouses of veterans is organized by the Education Yavapai Community College.

  It runs from September 14 to 19, 10, and costs $ 55, said Barbara Yarrow, coordinator of community education / Edventures at Yavapai College Division of Lifelong Learning. The harmonization of expectations for the veterans class runs Monday, September 12 to October 17 and costs $ 55, said Yarrow. The courses also include the syndrome of post-traumatic stress and how it can make communication difficult Mily says Moore. The researchers found that 80 percent of people with PTSD who have experienced a very stressful situation, such as the 9 / 11, hurricane, tsunami or a return to a more gentle tension within two years, says Moore.

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