Character to play without WOW Gold speccing my Paladin back and forth

16. září 2011 v 9:24
  Of course I Retribution or holy spec for fun or PvP occasionally, but my true love is in control and membranes. Go figure with a name like selfish "Messiah" that I am a control freak. I have several other characters that I play often, including a tank death knight, druid / boomkin, and of course a hunter. Death Knight started as a way to get a DPS melee character to play without WOW Gold speccing my Paladin back and forth, but I soon discovered that the research group as a DPS sucks, and put up with bad idea even worse. So I went tank. My druid is like a wheel of DPS for Alt-raid nights and Resto for Arenas, who in spite of my hate PvP, I love. Go figure.
  Finally, my Hunter is just a toon that I have always loved, and play just for fun around the gathering, questing, and gears. Title of this column must be a description of the guild I was with a group of very good friends. It 'was described to us what is best for the other players when we went to the recruiting process. Our philosophy of play was very relaxed (RAID 3 nights a week, playing almost every day), but not quite hardcore, only 2-3 nights a week. Great thing that separated our group and very hard-core gamers, however, was that even if at times for a 25 raid players, we really prefer the 10 st century. I know that many people say that hardcore gamers are only 25 players, that's why we called ourselves the semi-hardcore.

  We liked to push the content, but not severe enough to drive the first server, and never in 25 years. 25 man raid nights made the two groups of 10 men and a few friends or other pugs. This is the guild, which has now disappeared because of people leaving the game very well sum up my philosophy perfectly in the game. With Ton Hammer Ten years wrote many editorials and many seem to be the hard core, but for any hardcore Raider, I definitely am not. I have the competitive attitude, however, that everyone should. After all, a game is fun, but if you lose all the time. It's no fun if they are not competitive with it.

  The person loses chess and have fun again? T loses the boxer for fun? The bull in a bullfight have fun? So for me to summarize that love, love of hard fighting, love and healing the tank, the DPS is cool, but must enter the battalion, hate 25 (I do not mean the 40-day-man raid ), and seems a bit Tera Gold elitist. Well, that's me! This column will be a place to talk about things in the game that interests me and I think many of our readers who are in the semi-hardcore camp sounds interesting ..

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