Top people in sports sign contracts for millions,

29. srpna 2011 v 11:56
  It takes planning. For example; If you decided to become a doctor, it would take a minimum eight years of higher learning and a cost of hundreds of thousands yet a degree does not make you successful. It takes thousands to set up a practice. The fact is, more than 80 percent of medical students borrow money to cover education expenses. Cost run at least $175,000 to $200,000 after adding up tuition, room and board, books and equipment and all the rest. It would be slightly less if you go to a state medical school as an in-state resident. After countless hours of classes, bookwork, lectures, internship and test you may qualify to be called a Doctor. Even then success rest squarely upon the shoulders of the person involved. No one can do it for him/her. Why? Because it is personal.
  Top people in sports sign contracts for millions, at what cost? It takes hundreds of hours training and learning the game before a player becomes professional. It's the same in any industry. Airline pilot, Ships captain, architect, CEO of a fortune 500 company as well as many others, take years of study and thousands of dollars, to rise to the position. There are no free rides; everything comes with a price or doesn't come at all.
  It takes hard work. But wait! What if you could make the same or more money than a doctor or any other professional with much less cost and time? What if you could be making the same as any MIT. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford Universities graduate? What would you do for the opportunity to be a top wage earner? How much time and dollars would you be willing to spend?

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